After school – TAPP

What is TAPP?

TAPP is TRINT’s before and after school programme offered to students in grades PYP 1 – PYP 4, often known as SFO/AKS in Norwegian schools.The philosophy of the IB and play-based learning are of the core of the TAPP activities. The children learn through structured and unstructured play and activities such as dance club and drama club. Activities and play take place inside in the TAPP area, outside in the school playground and during excursions during the TAPP holiday club. 

TAPP opening hours

TAPP is open weekdays 07:30 – 16:30. 

We think free play outside in the morning is a great start to the day. 

We are open until 16.30, and children should be collected by 16.25. Late pick-up fees applies. 

TAPP holiday club

TAPP holiday club is open during planning days when the school is closed, for parts of the Christmas break, winter break, Easter break, in June after the school closes and in August before school starts. Our standard opening hours is 7.30-16.30, and we have reduced hours betwen Christmas and the new year, and Wednesday before Easter. 

The holidays are special, and time in TAPP for the holidays should be special too. We go on trips, we play, we bake and we make. We like having bbqs at the beach or by the lake, go for hikes in the woods, skiing trips or ice skating in winter, museum trips. We also go to places like Polaria, Tromsø Vitensenter, and the many museums in town.  

TAPP daily activities

In the afternoon when the school is finished for the day, students start their time in TAPP with either outdoor time or a meal. Food (such as cereals and milk, bread, knekkebrød, cheese, ham and fruits) will then be served to the students. The students will have around 30 minutes to finish eating and then go outside to play in the playground, or we play or do arts & crafts activities inside.  

TAPP fees

Our fees harmonize with the fees in public schools. There is no discount for siblings.

Up to 19 hours per week kr 2 938 per month*

(90% place)

Up to 12 hours per week kr 2 158 per month*

(50% place)

*The fees are based on current prices for the academic year 2023/24

Students in PYP 1 and PYP 2 get 12 hours free in TAPP per week in our core hours. PYP 1 and PYP 2 prices are therefore as follows:

Up to 19 hours per week kr 1 175 per month*

(90% place)

Up to 12 hours per week kr 0 per month*

(50% place)

Government-sponsored, means-tested discounts are available. The rule is that no family should use more than 6% of their total annual income on TAPP. For the academic year 2023-2024, the thresholds are as follows:

Total family income of kr 533 000 for 90% place.

Total family income of kr 395 000 for 50% place.

If your family income is below the threshold, pleace contact the school administration for guidance on how to apply, before the deadline of August 25th 2023.

The small print

Planning activities, trips and food for holiday TAPP can be challenging if we don’t know how many children are coming. We need to know if your child is coming to holiday TAPP or not. Knowing numbers in advance will give staff in TAPP an opportunity to plan activities appropriate for the number of children attending. We will ask you to complete a form detailing whether your child is coming or not.

Parents will be asked to complete a form to indicate how they want to use their allocated 12 hours within the school week. This is so we can plan activities and staffing levels. The free 12 hours offered by the government is in the core hours after school or between 10-14 for the holiday club.

Please note: No mobile phones, game devices or wearable tech are allowed in TAPP. For details about terms and conditions, please see the statutes.

Please take note of these contact details:

Admissions are now available