To apply to the school please use the application form below.


Applications received before 01.12 the year before the student starts school will be managed in the first intake, by the following prioritised admissions criteria:

  1. Children of TRINT staff and board members
  2. Siblings of TRINT students
  3. Students who are not Norwegian nationals, and who are not residing in Norway at 01.12 the year before the student is planning to start at TRINT
  4. Application date

Applications received after the first intake will be prioritised by application date. We accept applications throughout the year if places are available. If there is disagreement regarding admissions the parents have the right to appeal, ultimately to the County Governor (Statsforvalteren) in accordance with The Education Act § 15.2.

If you are thinking about applying but require further information, please contact us on

Enrolment Form

Thank you for your interest in Tromsø International School. Please complete this application / enrolment form accurately as possible. Once you have answered the required fields, do not forget to click the ‘SUBMIT FORM’ button.
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Do you wish to enroll the student in TAPP?
TAPP, the TRINT Acticity and Play Programme, is our before and after school care programme available to students in PYP 1-4

School fees

Ordinary fees: kr 26 500 per year
First sibling rate: kr 23 500 per year
Second sibling rate: kr 20 600 per year

*School fees are invoiced by monthly installments.

The school has a scholarship arrangement for families with low income.
An assessment will be done based on the total financial situation.

Contact us on with any questions regarding the scholarship application.